Appropriations & Budget

Competition for federal dollars is always fierce, but even more so with the ever-increased focus on budget deficits. Securing necessary funding requires a strong and consistent presence on Capitol Hill, established relationships, and a clear understanding of the complexities of the budget and appropriations process. Rapoza Associates has over four decades of experience helping our clients identify opportunities for funding, connect with key decision-makers, and ultimately access the federal resources necessary to support and expand their work.

The process. 

We help protect funding streams by drawing attention to the good work our clients do in their communities, states, and nationally. Rapoza Associates works  with the Administration as budget priorities are being developed, advocates for our clients’ priorities with the Budget Committees in the House and Senate, and lobbies Congressional Appropriations Committees to ensure our clients are represented in every step of the annual appropriations process. We make certain—as bills are considered, marked-up, and approved by Congress—that our clients are well-informed and well-represented on Capitol Hill.

The outcomes. 

Over the years, our firm has successfully lobbied for the protection and expansion of community development, rural housing, job training, and Head Start funding, among many others. Long-established relationships with Budget and Appropriations staff and a strong record of achievement in maintaining and growing program funding, make Rapoza Associates a clear choice for those looking to make their case to Congress.